Zifru Production site at Zittau, Germany
Production site of Zifru GmbH at Zittau, Germany
Mann is located at the production plant of Zifru in Zittau, Germany

Simply crispy and tasty dried fruit and vegetables

To produce our high-quality, crispy products we employ a combination of different drying methods.

We combine drying technologies

We only select the best raw materials for our products. The freshly harvested fruit, vegetables and other specialities are washed in Zittau, peeled and then sliced or diced to the required size. Then we dry them in more than 100 m of air, slowly and gently. In the next stage, our products undergo a special combination of heat and vacuum  treatment, which removes the moisture from the food. This creates the unique, crispy texture while optimally retaining shape of the product. Then comes the post-drying process, before the products are ready to be packaging and distributed.

Concentrated nature at its best

Our expertise and gentle drying procedure allow us to produce foods that promote a healthy lifestyle and have a real wow factor. All the power of nature - concentrated in our products. They taste unique, look natural and retain a crispy texture.

Customised for your needs

Our modular production process allows us to create customised, healthy products.