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Healthy, loved by everyone, and already ripe – our apples

12.09.2018 07:40

We will start the drying processes for this year's harvest shortly. Help yourself soon! Enjoy the unique crispy texture of our dried apples. As crunchy as freshly picked apples and the ideal snack. We purposely avoid adding sugar, fat or other synthetic ingredients.

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Our apple range – available in large and small quantities


  • Sweet or sour apple slices
  • Apple slices with cinnamon
  • Apple cubes, 8 mm

Available in organic and conventional quality standards. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss availability.

In addition to bulk quantities we can also supply dried apples in small 35 g bags or to suit your specific weight requirements.

Differences in taste and crispiness!

Apples are not all the same There are around 2,000 different apple varieties which differ in terms of texture and taste. Take the Elstar variety, for example – it tends to be sourer than the sweeter Jonagold variety. We have analysed the various apple varieties and broken them down into different criteria. You can choose the variety you want us to dry for you and we will be happy to advise you on specific features. The apples also differ in terms of crispiness, depending on the drying procedure.

Click here to find out more about our table of apple crunchiness.


It all depends on our unique manufacturing process

The freshly harvested apples are washed at our site in Zittau, Germany and sliced or cut to suit the customer’s requirements. In our gentle drying process, we remove up to 80% of the water content of the fruit. Although the apples become smaller, they retain their shape and are now ready for the next drying stage – a combination of heat and vacuum treatment. At this point, the remaining water is removed from the apple slices or cubes very quickly and gently, which ensures their unique crispy texture.

Another special feature of the drying process is its low temperatures, which guarantee that the dried fruit and vegetables retain most of their vitamins and minerals, as well as their original colour. We also avoid using any additives like taste enhancers, flavours, preservatives, sugar or salt.


Find out more about our unique manufacturing prozess.


 The healthy features of apples

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” so the old saying goes. But is it true?

In fact, 85% of a fresh apple is made up of water. The rest contains fruit sugar and a host of healthy fibre, minerals, vitamins and secondary phytochemicals. Our drying process removes practically all the water from the apples and leaves almost all the nutrients in the dried product: 15 g of dried apples contain the same quantity of valuable nutrients as 100 g of fresh fruit.

Our dried apples contain lots of healthy fibre. Fibre regulates digestion, satisfies the appetite and promotes the health of microbiota. An apple contains around 15 different vitamins and just as many minerals and trace elements. Most of the vitamins are contained in the skin or directly under it. So it goes without saying that we dry our apples with the skin still on.

Other health-promoting components of apples are their secondary phytochemicals, such as polyphenols. These have strong anti-oxidant properties. Antioxidants reduce inflammation and protect us from free radicals. Several studies have shown that secondary phytochemicals may have a preventive effect on cardiovascular illnesses, cancer and arthritis. ing any additives like taste enhancers, flavours, preservatives, sugar or salt.

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 Interesting facts about apples

Apples belong to the rose family of plants and are the most commonly available fruit around the world.  

Consumption per head of population in Switzerland is approx. 15.8 kg apples1) per year; in Germany the figure rises to 19 kg.2)


Apples originated in Asia. They were grown in the Kazakhstan region as far back as 10,000 BC. The former capital city of Kazakhstan is called Almaty, which means “City of Apples”.

Each variety of apple has its own distinctive flavour which is influenced considerably by climatic factors, the time of harvest and how long it is stored. .