Happy family in a green meadow
Young girl collects blueberries with a basket
Man harvesting beetroot

A healthy diet

It is human nature to care about our well-being, health and future. The connection between a balanced, mindful diet and overall health is self-evident.

Zifru products can contribute significantly to a healthy diet. They are a delicious ingredient in many cereal products as well as soups and sauces. They are also a tasty snack on their own. However, they are served, our products are always produced without any additives.

Our unique and gentle drying process preserves the organic nutrients and flavours as well as the natural colour and cell structure as much as possible.

BEST PARTNER – our vision

Our BEST PARTNER vision puts the focus on our customers - they are the reason we are here, and we do our best for them. Our customers can rely on HOCHDORF employees to provide the best possible service, right from the start. We are only happy when the customer is happy.

The way we handle natural resources is also influenced by our BEST PARTNER approach. We are conscious that the availability of these precious natural ingredients is limited. So, we handle them with care and process them into valuable products.

We adopt a prudent approach

The HOCHDORF Group has has a proven track record of social and environmental responsibility since 1895. As a responsible producer of healthy foods we are duty bound to manage nature's resources in a sustainable way.

To produce healthy foods we have to protect nature. We do our utmost to make a significant contribution towards environmental sustainability.

Every two years we compile a corporate social responsibility report detailing our endeavours in this area.